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A Bridge Runs Over It: Challenge Accepted

Riverton_bridgeIt’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Riverton’s Icelandic River pedestrian bridge – in all its 100-metre steel glory.

In the daylight, the sun gleams onto the cedar deck of the pedestrian bridge and shines on the lookout balcony. At night, the bridge flickers off the Icelandic River – thanks to pedestrian lights.

Riverton’s first bridge was built in 1892, and three more would follow. However, all four would fall to floods.

The last failed on April 12, 2011, when an ice jam crashed into the bridge – tearing it apart. At the time, the community was already under a state of emergency.

RIVERTON_BRIDGE_5Riverton was without a foot bridge for 18 months.

The new pedestrian bridge, build by Stantec Consulting Ltd., is a vast improvement to Riverton’s previous bridges. Made from virtually indestructible materials – this bridge is sure to last for, well, ever.

When the footbridge opened on Oct. 27, 2012, approximately 300 people watched the ribbon cutting.

Nearly two-and-a-half years have passed, and few people outside the community know about the new bridge. Just about the destruction of the old one.

So, here’s the challenge.

Take a photo of Riverton’s pedestrian bridge. Be creative. Dress up. Use people and pets, fiddles and drums. Have fun.

RIVERTON_BRIDGE_6Then, on Tuesday, June 16, post your photos to Twitter. Make sure you’re following @BifrostRiverton and using the hashtag #RivertonBridge. Also, post it to Facebook on the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton page with the same hashtag.

Or send the photo to, and it’ll be taken care of.

And we can share the beauty.

[Special thank you to Stasa Veroukis from Stantec Consulting Ltd. for the photos of the bridge, taken by Gerry Kopelow, Tammy Einarson for the night shot of the bridge, and Susie Eyolfson of the Riverton Chamber of Commerce.]